Wendy’s Vision for our Community

Over the past four years, we have worked together to build a stronger community. Carleton Place is where we live, work, play and grow. You have shared your ideas for our community with me. My vision for Carleton Place reflects your vision and I call it

Community First

When we put Community First, Carleton Place will be
  • Town HallA safe, family-oriented community that meets the needs of all ages, with affordable housing, services and property taxes.
  • A friendly community where small-town values continue to be important to those who live here.
  • A healthy community of people who value recreation and an active
  • A green community where the Mississippi River mirrors the health and well-being of the Town.
  • A vibrant community where small business is valued and the economy grows alongside our shops, services, and institutions.
  • A forward-thinking community with long-term planning for sustainable growth and economic development.
Your ideas and your choices have created this vision. Together we can move Carleton Place towards a strong, bright future by putting Community First.