Address to the AGM of the Carleton Place B.I.A.


January 23, 2014

January is absolutely the right time of year to hold an AGM as the events of the past year and the optimism of a new year are still fresh in everyone’s mind. You know, working towards creating a vibrant downtown was one of my election campaign promises; in fact, looking over the literature from the past election, there were a number of current Council members with the same vision, as well as, of course, the members of the BIA and its executive.  And now, here we are three years and a lot of dedicated work on the part of many people later, and I’d say we’re well on our way. One of the significant changes that has occurred in the past three years is the increase in the profile of the BIA in the community.  This is, of course, difficult to measure and I can’t give you any statistics to verify that statement.  But, the busy-ness of the downtown core, the activity that takes place there, the growth in new businesses, the buzz about restaurants, ladies clothing shops, consignment shops, boutiques and more all point to a revitalizing downtown. [Read more...]


By MAYOR WENDY LE BLANC JANUARY 24, 2013 Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s always good to be able to speak with you at the BIA Annual meeting and this is the third time I have been here wearing my Mayor’s hat.  We on Council have just passed the halfway mark in this term in office and recently I delivered the Annual Review of 2012 to Council noting the accomplishments of the past year and looking forward into 2013 and beyond. One accomplishment that we are proud of was the hiring of Jasmin Ralph and I  congratulate her on fitting in well to the Carleton Place Economic  Development scene and being able to work with Council and Staff and our BIA and Chamber partners as we move the community forward. [Read more...]

Speech to Carleton Place BIA Annual General Meeting – January 26, 2012

By Mayor Wendy LeBlanc Thursday, January 26, 2012 (Check against delivery) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a year since I had the opportunity to speak with you as a collective group and at that time, I outlined our vision and our plans, not only for the downtown, but also the community in general. Just last month at the final council meeting of our first calendar year in office, we were pleased to be able to check off an impressive list of accomplishments. A thriving local economy is one of the greatest benefits that a Council can offer to its community – both its citizens and its businesses. And, even though the municipality per se does not create a great number of jobs, the focus of council, its vision, its decisions, its supporting staff, its investments in infrastructure – to name just a few - have a significant impact on the present, and more importantly, the future economic strength of the community. There are many definitions of the current buzz-word “sustainability’ but the one that I keep as my guiding principle is that ‘the decisions we make today must have a positive impact on the economic, social, and environmental future of our town. That view of sustainability makes Council – and its partners – even more accountable for responsible management of our resources. [Read more...]