Quarterly Report – October to December 2012

CURRENT STATUS Quarterly ReportEconomic Development Carleton Place Economic Development Co-ordinator, Jasmin Ralph, has been working on, or completed, several projects including the development of an Economic Development website, Industrial Parks signage, a hotel feasibility study, and acts as secretary for the Community Development Committee and related subcommittees. Business visits will begin in the New Year. Plans for Industrial Park North expansion are well underway and include an extension to Bates Avenue with services being paid for by the adjoining property owners including the Town. This route will be used to access the future Public Works Yard and snow dump. Preliminary plans for the McNeely Avenue extension to Highway 15 are being developed.Housing starts this year were 77, including the 46 unit condominium building on Coleman Avenue. Several large housing developments are in various levels of planning stages. Council approved a 60-unit retirement home on Laura Street (near Home Hardware). Redevelopment of Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Health Hub The redevelopment committee forwarded the proposal for our new hospital to the Capital Planning Branch of the Ministry of Health in June, and we finally received a reply in late December, listing 35 questions about the proposal to be responded to before a decision is made. Official Plan and Development Permit Bylaw Review The final touches are still being placed on the Official Plan following consultation with the public and numerous meetings with members of Staff and Council. The Development Permit Bylaw will be updated in the next few months to reflect the changes in the Official Plan. Revitalization of Downtown Several new businesses opened over the past few months, including two restaurants, and a floral boutique. A Ladies Night Out shopping experience was successful, bringing many people to the downtown core. The Roy Brown mural was unveiled. A special pre-Christmas shopping day was well-attended and the annual Santa Claus parade was a sensational hit! A Dollar Tree store is scheduled to open in the Mews. Carambeck Community Centre Carambeck Community Centre houses the before and after school program and the community centre, TR Leger Alternate School, and the Youth Centre. An official Open House was held on October 18. One of the first events held was a Seniors’ Forum. Rooms, including the gym, are now being booked for community use during the day, evenings, and weekends. Council Transparency and Accountability Council continues to communicate with the public through press releases, print advertising, slide shows in public buildings, the official town website, social media (Facebook and twitter), an LED display sign at Market Square. Mayor LeBlanc reports monthly in a column courtesy of the EMC Newspaper, and takes part in interviews on the In Focus show on Lake88; past interviews can be heard by clicking on interviews. A member of the public questioned accountability and transparency, confusing the issue with the ability of the public to participate in committee meetings; a copy of the response to these concerns. Respect for Business Community Active representation at, and reporting of, Chamber of Commerce and BIA meetings. Mayor LeBlanc and members of Council visit businesses in the community and are pleased to welcome new businesses to town. Ribbon cuttings have taken place at Applecheeks (new location) and The Floral Boutique. Other Items Dealt with this Quarter After several months of working on the 2013 budget, it was passed by Council in early December; an increase of approximately 4.78% was a direct result of downloading of OMPF funding from the province to the town and the switching from the 2003 to 2012 costing formula for the OPP.Construction work on Frank Street and Mill Street, and repaving of Coleman Street and an area around Caldwell Street, was completed. The Storm-ceptor project on Frank Street at Emily was a highlight as it captures up to 90% of suspended solids preventing them from being dumped into the river.94 Autumn Blaze Maples were planted throughout the community, each marking a name on the cenotaph. Schools and parks were the main planting areas. A second Garden of Hope was created along Coleman Street, an initiative of Carleton Place in Bloom. Carleton Place was pleased and proud to be a host community for the International Broomball Tournament held in October. The Roy Brown Mural dedication was well-attended by dignitaries and members of the public; the event was followed by refreshments and a view of Roy Brown artifacts at the Moore House. In November, a commemorative tree marking Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee was planted in the park to the east of the Town Hall by Diamond Jubilee medal recipients. The park was officially named Town Hall Square after this oversight was noted by former Reeve, Orm Giles. Staff member, Public Works Director Dave Young, and his family were recognized by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization for their dedicated service to the program. Staff member, Clerk Duncan Rogers, received congratulations from the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario for being a member of the association for 30 years. Members of Council are pleased to continue to support the community by attending and/or participating in a wide-range of events and activities.