Quarterly Report – April to June, 2013

ITEM CURRENT STATUS Quarterly Report Economic Development The W.E.L.L. program under Valley Heartland – Women Entrepreneurs of Lanark and (North) Leeds, with Carleton Place as headquarters, was launched in June. Final stages during the planning process are taking place on the HighGate subdivision between High Street and Townline Road, and building should be underway soon. Economic development Co-ordinator Jasmin Ralph continues to meet with business leaders in the community and will be profiling these industries on the Town’s Economic Development website due to be launched this summer. New signage at each of the business/industrial parks was erected in this quarter. Redevelopment of Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Health Hub The Hospital Redevelopment Committee has had two meetings during this quarter and several members are continuing to work with Ministry of Health officials in Toronto to move forward the status of our hospital’s redevelopment. An announcement in the fall will show where our project is in the queue. Official Plan and Development Permit Bylaw Review A final public meeting for the Official Plan will be held on July 23, with approval by Council likely made in the Council meeting of the same evening. The Development Permit Bylaw will be updated in the next few months to reflect the changes in the Official Plan. Revitalization of Downtown An exciting project was presented to Council by the Downtown Syndicate headed by Volunder Thorbjornson involving redevelopment of both private and public lands; the group sought concessions from the town both in the price of the lands involved and waiving of both development charges and sewer and water charges. The Town declined to approve the waiving of fees, charges, and the lowered price of the land and requested that the developer come back with another proposal. The Town sold the old curling club property on Allen Street to a developer planning to build apartment buildings, and purchased 39 Beckwith Street to enlarge the property available there for development. Dali’s restaurant opened at the corner of College and Bridge, and Le Garage Boutique at the corner of Beckwith and Mill Streets. The Market Square Pavilion roof is nearing completion, and Farmers’ Market co-ordinator, Amber Hall, reports that the vendors are well-satisfied with the building and the number of people attending the market each Saturday. The BIA welcomed the Cruise Night participants to the Market Square each Wednesday evening. Both the BIA and the Chamber of Commerce have launched Buy/Shop Local campaigns. Carambeck Community Centre Carambeck Community Centre continues to be well-booked for community use during the evenings and weekends. It served as an emergency daycare space following the May fire at the DayCare on Francis Street. A summer camp program under the DayCare will be held on weekdays during the summer months at the facility. Council Transparency and Accountability Council continues to communicate with the public through press releases, print advertising, slide shows in public buildings, the official town website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and an LED display sign at Market Square. Mayor LeBlanc reports monthly in a column courtesy of the EMC Newspaper, and takes part in interviews on the In Focus show on Lake88; past interviews and EMC columns can be heard or read by clicking on media at www.wendyleblanc.ca. Respect for Business Community Active representation at, and reporting of, Chamber of Commerce and BIA meetings. Council is pleased to welcome new businesses to town. Ribbon cuttings took place at Dali’s Restaurant and at the Mac’s Milk (McNeely and Coleman). The Mayor and some members of Council attend the Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast and the Movers and Shakers networking events. Other Items Dealt with this Quarter Council was presented with the contract package from the OPP in June, following an early look at changes in April. Two additional officers are required during the next contract period. Council and staff are working to mitigate the impact on taxes with the additional positions, the renegotiation of the contract under the 2013 costing formula, the across the board OPP salary increase of 8.5%, and the loss of the OMPF grants which offset some of the policing costs to rural communities. The new recycling and waste management program came into effect June 1. Many new items can be placed in blue boxes now. Stickers are not required on the first bag of garbage, but are on subsequent bags; bulky items require 4 stickers. This new program will result in an initial savings of over $100 000, and even more with the tonnage to landfill being reduced as well as grants from Waste Diversion Ontario. The issue of adding Fluoride to the town’s drinking water was dealt with at a Council Education session in May with representatives from both sides of the debate being given time to present their case. The issue came to a vote at the end of June with the decision being to continue the addition of fluoride to the Town’s water. Several Councillors and the Deputy Mayor attended the FCM conference in Vancouver in May. A second Seniors’ Forum was held in the Carambeck Community Centre; topics discussed included opportunities for using Carambeck and Seniors’ Affordable Housing. A Creating Welcoming Communities workshop was held at the Community Centre and was attended by members of the public and a number of service organizations in the County. Both events were facilitated by Mills Community Support. The Good Neighbours/Great Neighbourhoods Committee’s recommendations were presented at an Open House; approximately 30 members of the public attended and made their views known on possible changes to a number of bylaws. These recommendations are coming gradually to the Planning and Protection Committee meetings for discussion and decision. Two staff members have recently received recognition: Heidi Sinnett at the Carleton Place Public Library received a 2nd place award in the cross-Canada 2012 TD Bank Summer program for children. Duncan Rogers, Town Clerk, was recognized by OMCTA for his 32 years of service to the Town. Congratulations! Members of Council are pleased to continue to support the community by attending and/or participating in a wide-range of events and activities. Hospital fundraisers, the People First Walk-a-thon, Mills Support Welcoming Communities conference, were just a few of the many events attended by some members of Council. The Sister City Committee’s 6th annual Wine’d Around Downtown on May 25 was a sellout at 350 participants. Lambsdowne Festival, organized by the BIA, was a success once again. Two new murals have appeared on buildings in the core – a Salute to Stompin’ Tom Connors and the last steam train through the Town, are the themes of the work, carried out by Sean McGinnis.