Quarterly Report – July to September 2012

CURRENT STATUS Quarterly ReportEconomic Development Carleton Place Economic Development Co-ordinator, Jasmin Ralph, started in this newly-created position in early August; she has spent time familiarizing herself with the community and has undertaken several projects including the development of an Economic Development website, Industrial Parks signage, a hotel feasibility study, and acts as secretary for the Community Development Committee and related subcommittees. Redevelopment of Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Health Hub The redevelopment committee forwarded the proposal for our new hospital to the Capital Planning Branch of the Ministry of Health, and expected to receive word in mid-September. This has been postponed until late October. We hope to have good news at that time! Official Plan and Development Permit Bylaw Review The final touches are being placed on the Official Plan following consultation with the public and numerous meetings with members of Staff and Council. The Development Permit Bylaw will be updated in the next few months to reflect the changes in the Official Plan. Revitalization of Downtown The Pierre Cliche report is now being discussed by the Downtown Initiatives Sub-committee. The possible re-alignment of Bridge and Lansdowne Streets was presented to the public in September but did not receive significant public support to warrant moving forward. Several new businesses opened over the summer months. Carambeck Community Centre An Open House showing plans for the Carambeck Community Centre was held in July. In a very short time, the school was transformed into three separate areas housing the before and after school program and the community centre, TR Leger Alternate School, and the Youth Centre. We added more parking spaces, fenced playgrounds, and a basketball court. Programs are now operating in the building and an Open House and Ribbon-cutting is tentatively scheduled for October 18. At that time we will be seeking input from the public about how they would like the building to be used. Youth Centre The Youth Centre moved from its location on Mill Street to its brand new home at Carambeck School; two classrooms and the adjacent hall were redesigned by Larry Gaines, architect, and reconstructed over the summer. The new facility is clean, attractive, and a positive change for our youth to enjoy. Council Transparency and Accountability Council continues to communicate with the public through press releases, print advertising, slide shows in public buildings, the official town website, social media (Facebook and twitter), an LED display sign at the new Farmers’ Market property and so on. Mayor LeBlanc reports monthly in a column courtesy of the EMC Newspaper, and takes part in interviews on the In Focus show on Lake88; past interviews can be heard by clicking on interviews at www.wendyleblanc.ca. Respect for Business Community Active representation at, and reporting of, Chamber of Commerce and BIA meetings. Mayor LeBlanc and members of Council visit businesses in the community and are pleased to welcome new businesses to town. Ribbon cuttings have taken place at the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers new storage facility, Sunshine’s Then and Now, McEwen’s Gas Bar, and Tangled Hair Design. Other Items Dealt with this Quarter Members of the public were pleased to be able to enjoy new benches and waste containers installed along the Mississippi Riverwalk Trail and Okalee Park Trail.Families were well-pleased with the opening of the Rotary Club's fully-accessible playground located off MacGregor Drive in the Brigial subdivision, Carleton Crossing.Treasurer Phil Hogan received congratulations from the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario for being part of the association for 20 years.The summer’s construction included part of Mill Street, the sidewalk area around the Town Hall, Donald Street and Frank Street. Thanks to the recommendations from Councillor Doug Black, we installed a Storm-ceptor on the corner of Frank and Emily Streets which will capture up to 90% of the suspended solids from storm-water run-off; this material would have flowed directly into the river. Canada Day was once again a wonderful success, and was followed by the Bridge Street Bazaar, held on the hottest day of a very hot summer! Owing to a severe drought, the River levels were low; the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority placed a Level 2 voluntary water restriction on the community which was lifted in early September. Work has started on the corner of Lake Avenue East and Beckwith Street, opposite Market Square, to plant additional trees to beautify the area. Councillor Rob Probert was successful in obtaining a grant from Tree Canada to plant Victory Trees commemorating the sacrifice of the 94 persons who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War. A special dedication ceremony took place on September 27th. Look for these maples in various locations throughout the community, especially in school yards. Members of the Good Neighbours/Great Neighbourhoods Committee are meeting on a twice monthly basis and plan to share their recommendations with Council in October. The mural program which has an annual budget of $10 000 resulted in a spectacular mural on the side of the old Leland Hotel building on Bridge at Bell Street featuring our local hero, Roy Brown, shooting down the Red Baron in WW1. This has been well-received by the public. Councillor Flynn is responsible for this program. The Brett Pearson Run for Your Life was held in September, under the sponsorship of The Drug Strategy Committee. Other events included Canoe Club regattas, Dragonboat Festival, Wednesday evenings’ Showtime at the Station, Bass Fishing Tournament, and the opening of a Sunday Flea Market at Market Square.