October 2012 EMC Column

Salute to Seniors! A friendly smile greets visitors at the entrance to the hospital.  A caring neighbour checks on an elderly lady daily and drives her to appointments and shopping.  A conscientious couple pick up litter along Mississippi Riverwalk Trail on their daily outing.  An understanding volunteer lends a hand with students in a Grade Two classroom.  These activities are just some of the myriad ways that seniors volunteer to make our community a better place in which to live, work, and play. In recognition of these special contributions to the quality of life we all enjoy here in Carleton Place, Council officially declared October 1st as Day of Older Persons.  This significant proclamation is part of the worldwide movement started by the UN to celebrate the members of this growing segment of our population, and to acknowledge the time and talents that seniors devote to bettering the lives of all community residents. During the past few months, members of Council and staff partnered with Mills Community Support, the Sunset Club of Carleton Place, the Alzheimer Society, and Community and Primary Health Care to plan a Seniors’ Forum on October 16th at our new Carambeck Community Centre.  During the 3 ½ hour event,  seniors, their families, caregivers and friends will talk about how by working together we can enhance local seniors’ quality of life.  Admission to the event is free and includes lunch, and transportation is available. Watch for further information in the EMC. Your Council and Community Programming Staff are anticipating that this event will be a significant step in ensuring that our senior citizens benefit from the quality of life that they work so hard to give to others. We hope you will participate!