January EMC Column

COMMUNITY COMMUNICATIONS About this time last year, a mother wrote telling me that there was nothing for her child to do in Carleton Place. Within 20 minutes, I had come up with a list of over 30, mostly free, activities that are readily available to our community’s young people.  Sadly, when I sent off the email reply, it bounced back and she never received it, but I posted the list on my website ( www.wendyleblanc.ca) and hope that she did see it there. Just this past October, we held a Seniors’ Forum in the new Carambeck Community Centre.  Before the event, we had heard rumblings that some folks were dissatisfied with what the community had to offer to Seniors.  So, we were very pleased that at the forum, attended by just under 100 people, the consensus was that Carleton Place is a great community for Seniors and that there are plenty of opportunities to participate in a wide variety of events. The one thing common to both instances is that communication is key to letting our residents know what is available for all ages and stages of life.  One of the major goals of this Council was – and still is – to communicate with our citizens.  To that end, we have weekly slide shows at five public locations, set up FaceBook and Twitter accounts along with the Town website, advertised on the digital sign at Market Square, communicated through the Municipal Matters weekly column in the EMC as well as this monthly column, and published the annual Carleton Place Recreation and Culture Guide, listing all clubs and activities in town.  The BIA also issues a newsletter and posts a website with town-wide events advertised. Both our Promotions Co-ordinator and our Community Programmer work hard to make sure the message is sent out in a variety of ways to ensure everyone has the opportunity to find out what’s on in Carleton Place.  Yet, it seems that we still miss people! I would be pleased to hear if you have any suggestions for improving our communications.  And certainly, if you have any ideas about possible changes to, or additional programs or events you would like to see in Carleton Place, please let me know or contact Jessica Smith, our Community Programmer, at 613-257-1704. One of the participants in the Seniors Forum stated, ’Carleton Place is a great town and I am thrilled we chose to live here.’  What can we do to make it even better?