These are the qualities of leadership that I uphold




  • I will attend Council meetings and work with Council and Staff as a team, ensuring that our collective efforts are for the benefit of the Town and its citizens.
  • I will sign and uphold the Code of Conduct developed for all members of Council.  I will continue, as I have in my life and my work, to always do the right thing in an honest and straightforward way.
  • I will always conduct myself in an appropriate manner, respecting the views, faiths and traditions of all residents.
  • I will continue to be visible at our community events and to support our places of business.
  • I will have Council Committee minutes posted on the Town website.  I will request that a summary of all Council Committee meetings are made available to the public through the Town website and that paper copies be made available by request at the Town Hall.  I will also ensure that these documents are accessible to the media.  Further, I will ask Town staff to investigate the feasibility of having all Council and Committee meetings video-streamed over the internet so that residents can view proceedings at home.