Economic Development

Carleton Place is a fast-growing community.  Sustainable economic development is essential.  As YOUR MAYOR I will work with all members of Council the local business community and a professional economic development officer, to attract and retain the right business and investment in our community.

Some things to consider:

  • Economic development requires a clear vision and a clear plan.  It requires consultation with the public.  AND, it requires a professional to lead community discussion into action.
  • Carleton Place does not have an approved Economic Development Plan, nor does it have an Economic Development Strategy.
  • In the view of many, economic development has been has been restricted to the acquisition and development of land by private property developers.  This is NOT economic development.  It is property development.
  • The current Mayor takes credit for the development of McNeely Avenue and the acquisition of big-box retailers.  The truth is that it was the foresight of previous Councils that made this a reality.