Arts and Culture

As a founding Member of Arts Carleton Place, Wendy has been passionate about the growth of Arts and Culture in Carleton Place.  When one looks to other rural communities such as Almonte, Perth, Merrickville and Westport, it becomes obvious that when well organized, the arts can bring in much-needed tourism and economic benefits.  Wendy’s Arts and Culture platform is based on increasing Carleton Place’s tourism and furthering economic development.

As your New Mayor, I will:

  • Follow and enhance the Recreation and Culture Master Plan
  • Investigate the economic advantages of arts and culture in Carleton Place with the assistance of a new, professionally-trained Economic Development Officer
  • Determine the feasibility of establishing, through a public-private partnership, an arts, culture and recreation community facility that will accommodate youth, seniors and local (and visiting) performing arts groups
  • Encourage the BIA, the Chamber of Commerce, along with local business owners and the local arts and cultural groups, to collaborate on their festivals and marketing
  • Help local arts and cultural groups band together to reach a common ground
  • Ensure arts and cultural groups will continue to have access to local, federal and provincial funding and grant programs
  • Look to past successes and failures in Carleton Place, the county and other municipalities
  • Look at the feasibility of hiring a local arts and cultural coordinator
  • Look to develop a volunteer master list