As YOUR MAYOR, I will work with Council to ensure that any future expansion of Carleton Place is managed in a way that takes into consideration the views of all residents.

  • Future growth must be based on sound analysis and planning principles, not on the desires of local property developers.
  • I am in favor of sustainable growth for Carleton Place.  That means growth must not adversely affect the affordability and quality of life in our community.
  • Any growth will necessitate the expansion of our infrastructure–Town staff; fire protection and police services; sewer and waste treatment facilities; and library services to name a few.  We must consider what the effects of annexation will be on property taxes, and sewer and water charges.
  • No further decisions on the annexation of property should occur without the expertise of a new, economic development officer, an Economic Development Plan and an Economic Development Strategy.
  • However, I am in favor of, and will champion discussions with Beckwith Township to finalize the annexation of Roy Brown Park.  I will not support the commercial development of this waterfront property for recreational use.