Record of Achievement Leadership is about having a vision.  In 2010 I advocated for or proposed many worthwhile community initiatives that we have achieved together. I believe in and support:
  • Planned growth that maintains small-town values,
  • Putting  the citizens of our community first in every decision we make,
  • Creating and working in strong partnerships with neighboring municipalities, local institutions, provincial government ministries, and
  • Small business in our community.

 My duty as Mayor is to support, advocate for, and celebrate the successes of all our citizens and business owners.

Here are Council’s achievements under my leadership: 1. Quality of Life
  • Annexed Roy Brown Park to provide additional waterfront property for all citizens to access and enjoy
  • Expanded and renewed walking and cycling trails including the Beckwith Trail in partnership with Beckwith Township and the elevated pathways on the Mississippi Riverwalk Trail
  • Installed benches along trails
  • Created a fully accessible children’s playground in partnership with Rotary Club in the Carleton Crossing subdivision
  • Opened a dog park at the north end of Edmund Street behind Carambeck Community Centre
  • Purchased Carambeck Public School which became the Carambeck Community Centre housing the Core Youth Centre, TR Leger Alternate School, the Carleton Place Before and After School Daycare program, and meeting rooms, offering the public a range of recreational activities
  • Hired a Community Programmer to create opportunities for members of the public to participate in wide-ranging programs from the arts to seniors’ programming, from recreation activities such as pickleball to youth dances at Carambeck Community Centre
  • Refurbished the Youth Centre space at Carambeck Community Centre
  • Worked for more than two years towards the building of Seniors Housing on the Carambeck Community Centre property;n developed a partnership between the Town of Carleton Place and Mills Community Support to move forward on the planning of a new Seniors Housing Building; members of the Public, Council and Mills Community Support make up the Committee in Charge of the project.
  • Created two public gathering places at both ends of Beckwith Street – Market Square and Town Hall Square, each with public washrooms.
  • Changed to a more practical winter on-street nighttime parking model so that the public can park on street all winter long except for the nights when conditions warrant snow removal
2.  Downtown Revitalization
  • Commissioned the Doyletech Report to review and recommend revitalization strategies including later store hours and Sunday and Monday openings which numerous stores have embraced; creating events that attract families to the downtown core; encouraging higher quality above store housing (several developers have made quality renovations to apartments)  NOTE:  The new Official Plan designates four strategic properties in the vicinity of the downtown as well as any properties fronting on Bridge Street to have development charges waived if development proceeds
  • Gave full support to and participated in all BIA events
  • Created the Downtown Initiatives Committee, a subcommittee of the Community Development Committee which completed an OMAFRA First Impressions program with Manotick, actively encouraged shop owners to take pride in the front of their business, completed a business mix analysis, was instrumental in planning the heritage murals in Town Hall Square, and created the vacant storefront window program.
  • Allotted increased funds to the façade Improvement program and partnered with the Municipal Heritage Committee; this resulted in an unprecedented number of applications and additional funds were allocated by both the Town and the BIA.
  • Worked with Valley Heartland to create the W.E.L.L. Program to support women entrepreneurs through mentoring
3.  Communicating with the Public
  • Improved the Town website
  • Purchased digital communications sign for Market Square
  • Created monthly events calendar at Market Square
  • Located large screen monitors with local information in six strategic public locations including  the Pool, Library, Town Hall, Arena, Day Care, and Community Centre
  • Produced an Annual Report
  • Engaged the community in social media with over 1700 followers on Facebook and 1000 on Twitter
  • Personally maintained a website, wrote 36 columns for the EMC, appeared regularly on Lake88 In Focus, spoke approximately twice monthly at community events
  • Held Open Houses on a variety of topics including the annual construction projects, the Official Plan, and the Development Permit Bylaw
4.  Environment
  • Continued to work closely with the Urban Forest /River Corridor and Environmental Advisory Committee members
  • Increased the urban tree canopy by offering quality trees at low cost to the public and planting 20 caliper trees annually
  • Dealt proactively with the Emerald Ash Borer through an inoculation program
  • Installed a storm-ceptor on Emily at Frank Streets which captures up to 90% of particulate in stormwater before it reaches the Mississippi River
  • Supported re-cycling and free-cycling events
  • Developed an Energy Management Plan for municipally-owned buildings
  • Made a major change in recycling and waste management programs leading a group of five Lanark County communities resulting in reduction of tonnage to landfill and major increase in numbers of items accepted in Blue Box program
5.  Economic Development
  • Hired Economic Development Co-ordinator
  • Annexed several hundred acres from Beckwith Township for additional parkland, residential and commercial development and nearing completion of 100 acres from Mississippi Mills for residential and possible commercial development
  • Planned the McNeely Avenue Extension to Highway 15 opening several hundred acres for  residential, commercial, and industrial development
  • Experienced $85M worth of growth in residential and commercial assessment in first three years of mandate. New industries include Eastway Tank, and Sam Bat; also expansion of several industries including Norcan Hydraulics, Dica, Rose Integration.  $5M of institutional growth, included the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Headquarters
  • Created an Economic  Development website
  • Kept property tax increases to inflation except for one year when provincial grants were unexpectedly cut