Neighbourhood Links Program

Wendy on the Neighbourhood Links Program We all recognize that becoming involved in your neighbourhood makes it friendlier, healthier and safer for all our families. Neighbourhood Links is a made-in-Carleton Place online community site for people who want to make their neighbourhoods great places to live, work and play. A group of dedicated citizens have worked on this project for almost two years and it is on the point of being launched. Loosely based on similar programs in other Canadian communities both large and small, It is a place to celebrate neighbours who are making a difference, a place to share good-neighbour stories and exchange tips and ideas, a place for neighbours to connect with neighbours , and a place to find the tools, resources, support and volunteer opportunities available to create and sustain great neighbourhoods. As your Mayor, I recognize the tremendous benefits to our community from strengthening our neighbourhoods large or small, new or established, young families or seniors and I strongly support this program. A strong sense of community, of caring about your neighbours, of becoming involved with neighbourhood activities, are all the signs of a strong community celebrating its small town values. By becoming involved in community activities from block parties to the arts, from soccer games to setting up Neighbourhood Watch programs, from identifying special spots in your neighbourhood to sharing photos and stories of your neighbours in action, this site will make your corner of Carleton Place, and indeed our entire community, a better place in which to live, work, play, and grow.