Community First

Community First - From Vision to Action Wendy on Economic Development My plans and commitment to continued economic development in our town will build on the groundwork for success set during my first four years as Mayor. During my second term, I will:
  • Promote the use of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Measuring Up! Program to evaluate the current Carleton Place economic development processes and actions
  • Call for the creation of an economic development strategic plan based on the results of the OMAFRA Measuring Up! Program with input from commercial and industrial business owners, the BIA and Chamber of Commerce
  • Seek ways to support, retain, and grow the many small businesses and home-based businesses within the community, and make these supports known and readily-available to all business owners.
  • Promote economic development as more than simply adding businesses to the tax base. Our hospital, new housing, tourism, health and wellness services, the arts, and many other facets of community life all have a role to play in making Carleton Place grow in a strong, sustainable way.
Click here to read more about Wendy's plan for Economic Development. Wendy on the Downtown Revitalization Plan Our heritage downtown is the traditional economic and cultural centre of our community. We should all be appreciative of our downtown entrepreneurs that contribute to its vitality. This is what gives Carleton Place the small town feel that we all cherish. It is important that we continue to ensure that our small town heart continues far into the future. Here are my proposals for working with our BIA to move forward:
  • Take a detailed look at the role that our Development Permit Bylaw can play in stimulating a vibrant mix of downtown businesses, and study other municipalities that have used zoning to foster a vibrant main street.
  • Look closely at how our businesses in the core can compete more effectively with the local box stores.
  • Propose joint marketing venture advertising to other markets such as Ottawa or neighbouring communities, such as promoting the five independently-owned women’s clothing stores as well as the consignment shops as a mecca for women’s clothing.
  • Be more proactive in upgrading and restoring our downtown heritage architecture. Neighbouring communities are revisiting Heritage Conservation Districts. Perhaps it is time for us review that possibility again?
  • Look at other municipalities that have created year-long events marketing programs such as my suggestion to resurrect the Mississippi River Days as an umbrella marketing strategy for all our special downtown events.
Click here to read more about Wendy's Downtown Revitalization Plan. Wendy on the Mississippi Riverfront Enhancement Strategy Our Town slogan Meet Me on the Mississippi highlights one of the true jewels and defining features of Carleton Place - our waterfront and surrounding recreational areas. My plan, the Mississippi Riverfront Enhancement Strategy, will expand the use of our waterfront and nature areas. They will be made safer and healthier places that will greatly add to quality of life in our home town, attract tourists, and have positive economic spinoffs. I will create a taskforce comprised of citizens and organizations to study the Mississippi Waterfront and make recommendations on:
  • Health and safety issues including goose droppings on beaches and paths, and swimming warnings at beaches.
  • Blue Flag certification of our beaches.
  • Storm water management issues at the end of Joseph Street and Anthony Curro Park.
  • Increased facilities including picnic tables, benches, BBQs, outdoor movies and canoe rentals.
  • Expanded trail systems, parks and a natural playground.
  • Development of the three riverfront Strategic Properties, particularly the old Findlay Foundry property.
  • Costs and possible funding sources for implementation of recommendations to be presented to the public for additional input and prioritizing.
Click here to read more about Wendy's Mississippi Riverfront Enhancement Strategy. Wendy on Long-term Property Tax Strategy Carleton Place is well-known for having the lowest property tax rates among the comparable-sized communities in our region. We want to keep it that way. Here is my proposal for a long-term tax strategy:
  • Follow the suggestions and guidance of Town Auditor Howard Allen.
  • Create a 10-year budget including expected revenues (from housing and business growth and re-assessment) and forecasted operating costs and asset management spending (infrastructure maintenance and growth).
  • Determine if the traditional cost-of-living benchmark for property tax increases is reasonable and achievable.
  • Refine long-term plans and define solutions if, and as, necessary.
Click here to read more about Wendy's Long-term Property Tax Strategy. Wendy on the Neighbourhood Links Program We all recognize that becoming involved in your neighbourhood makes it friendlier, healthier and safer for all our families. Neighbourhood Links is a made-in-Carleton Place online community site for people who want to make their neighbourhoods great places to live, work and play. A group of dedicated citizens have worked on this project for several months and it is on the point of being launched. The program includes such features as:
  • Suggestions for becoming active in building your neighbourhood.
  • A toolbox providing information to strengthen neighbourhoods.
  • Good neighbour stories celebrating small town values.
  • Links to community resources such as those involving youth, seniors, the arts, environmental groups.
Click here to read Wendy's plan for the Neighbourhood Links Program.