Launch of Business Visits and Lead Program

February 7, 2013 Check Against Delivery Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen: It has been said that a thriving local economy is one of the greatest benefits that a Council can offer to its community – both its citizens and its businesses. And, even though the municipality per se does not create a great number of jobs, the focus of council, its vision, its decisions, its supporting staff, its investments in infrastructure – to name just a few -  have a significant impact on the present, and more importantly, the future economic strength of the community. During the 2010 election, Economic Development was one of the issues that most candidates touched on, and certainly, for those of us who were successful, to a person we all promised to encourage planned economic development and growth, to hire an economic development officer, and to revitalize the downtown core. [Read more...]

Map Your Future Growth = Success Ahead

Speech to Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week 2013 By Wendy LeBlanc What a way to kick off small business week – on Thursday and Friday of last week there were four Grand Openings in town, following one the weekend before; there will be a grand re-opening at The Cheddar Stop next Saturday, and I just heard of another one coming up soon. And even better – I heard that the new Timmies on Highway 7 with the Way to Go convenience shop and Esso station opened last Saturday. I like the slogan for this year’s Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week – Success Ahead: Map Your Future Growth. Certainly as a Town, we could easily adopt it for our Economic Development branding as we continue to plan for the progress of our community. Unlike many communities in the area, we are in the fortunate position of managing, rather than creating, growth. Over and over again, as I meet elected officials and staff from other Eastern Ontario communities, I realize what a fortunate situation we are in here in Carleton Place. [Read more...]

Speech to Chamber of Commerce – April 24, 2013

A Snapshot of Carleton Place’s Financial Position Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting April 24, 2013 (This was delivered as a PowerPoint presentation.) Good morning. I am pleased to be here speaking with members of the Chamber once again and I appreciate your getting up early to attend the event. I was tempted to steal a few good lines from Chamber member Father David Andrew’s sermon of last Sunday but I’ll stick with just mentioning that he spoke about a topic we all love to hate, particularly this time of year – taxes! I’m going to spend the next few minutes giving you a snapshot of where the Town stands financially and end with a view towards the Town budget – and taxes - for 2014. It may seem a little odd that we are talking about next year’s budget when many of our neighbouring municipalities have just set their 2013 budget – after the end of the first quarter! But this is just one of many examples that show how Carleton Place is a leader in financial stability and forward-thinking financial management. [Read more...]